Between Darkness and Daylight

Author: Gracie McKeever

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Release Date: January 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Nova Foxx nearly falls off a mountain and winds up finding her psychic abilities.  Nova has a vision and must save the life of a man before it’s too late.  She relocates herself in order to find him and when she does finds herself falling head over hills in love with him.  Being psychic is not an easy task and how will Zane take knowing that his newfound love can see the future?

Zane Youngblood is a social worker that loves working with children and he intends to see to it that no child is overlooked.  Then he meets the most extraordinary woman and can’t help but fall for her.  Zane has an impressionable teen at home himself and knows he must set a good example for him.  Why has Nova suddenly showed up in his life and why is she there?


Zane is an admirable character and his feelings for his students reach out and touch you.  Nova is the sassy heroine who is intent on saving his life.  Together this couple is dynamite and the love scenes are absolutely explosive.  Readers will love the constant interaction between Zane and Nova.  Zane’s younger brother also makes a great secondary character and hints that maybe he needs his very own story.  Gracie McKeever is an excellent author and her creative characters and interesting plots makes her books must haves.



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Angel

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