Between Floors
By Terri
Sep 4, 2006 - 11:02:00 AM

Chloe Wilson got on the elevator to her apartment to find the one man that broke her heart six months before when he left her without a reason why. She refused to speak to him. Chloe was still hurting after the way he left and did not want anything to do with him. Then the elevator suddenly stopped between floors. It would take two hours to fix it and she was stuck with Sean in the dark until then. Sean started talking and Chloe only wanted to know one thing; why? She was still attracted to him and could feel the heat of passion building between them. Once Sean touched her there would be no turning back. Chloe knew she still loved him and could never turn him down. Once their lips touched the heat was burning hot. Could she just have sex with Sean and not get involved again?

Sean Harris was here to see Chloe. He missed her so much that he could not do anything without the thought of her on his mind. When he heard her voice yell to hold the elevator doors, he was instantly hard. As she got on the elevator he knew that she was still upset with him by the way she would not look at him. When the elevator stopped between floors, he knew it was time for them to talk. Chloe was hurting. He could hear it in her voice. And when Sean touched her in the dark, the passion sizzled between them. Sean was kissing her before he realized it. Chloe returned his kisses with wild heat. Would she take him back even though he walked out on her?


Lia Sebastian has written a very scorching read with BETWEEN FLOORS. The passion that was between Sean and Chloe was so hot it could melt lava. Chloe was guarding her heart so it did not get broken by Sean again, and Sean only wanted the one woman he has ever loved. The love that flowed between these two characters was spicy hot. The story will leave you feeling the pain and hurt that each one is going through. Ms. Sebastian, thank you for a great read and this reviewer will be looking for more of your books in the future.

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