Between Friends
By Chrissy Dionne
Oct 17, 2007 - 7:55:11 AM

Samuel and Peter’s move from their apartment to a real home has Samuel more than a little rattled.   There are so many things that could go wrong and what if they aren’t happy.   The simple fact that their friends Harry and Jason live within walking distance of their new home is a huge bonus.   Both couples are vastly different but they’re the best of friends and have always been able to count on each other’s support to get them through any crisis.

Samuel (a.k.a. Laffy) is often high-strung but Peter’s dominance and mastery provides the grounding he needs and he couldn’t be happier with anyone else.   Once they’re settled into their new home, it becomes apparent that all is not hunky-dory between Harry and Jason.   Jason confides in Samuel that he is concerned over Harry’s recent distraction.  

Luckily Harry and Peter are good friends so Harry has someone to express his worries as well as his reasoning for not sharing his concerns with Jason.   Peter encourages Harry to talk to Jason and let him know what’s going on, but Harry isn’t willing to admit that he needs Jason’s help to get through his upcoming ordeal.


As you read this book you’ll wonder how you could possibly live without friends like these.   They’re there for each other through each ordeal and even egg each other on into doing some unexpectedly funny things   like the spirited bowling team they form.   The friendship between these two couples really struck a cord with me.   They’re honest with each other to the point where anger and laughter often combine to make these characters feel very real.   Sean Michaels’ BETWEEN FRIENDS goes beyond your normal one couple relationship stories . . .   this book gives you two couples you’ll love reading about and especially enjoy learning about their unique relationships - both as couples and simply as friends.


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