Between Strangers

Author: Linda Conrad

Publisher: Silhouette Desire

Release Date: November 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Thanks to a raging blizzard, Lance White Eagle Steele's arrival home is going to be delayed.  But he is a man on a mission.  There is a woman he wants to propose to and a new life he wants to get started on and nothing is going to stop him.  Lance buys a truck and begins the drive home to Montana in hopes to get there by Christmas Eve.  Finding a woman and child along the way were not in his plans.  With the weather getting worse, there is no way he can leave them stranded alongside the road. 

Marcy Griffin was on her way to a new beginning with her daughter Angie when her car died.  Like the bad weather wasn't enough, she had a time constraint.  If Marcy wanted this new job, she had to be there before the first of January.  Getting a ride with Lance is a godsend, but not for her libido.  Things Marcy hasn't felt in a long time come rushing forward when she starts to get to know the sexy and charming Lance.

Sparks fly as Lance and Marcy make their way through the blizzard to their destinations.  Thanks to Lance, Marcy just might make it to Wyoming on time.  But when they get snowed in, the attraction the two were trying to ignore turns from a small spark to a raging inferno.  Could Lance be looking in the wrong direction for his happiness?  Is the passion Lance and Marcy share strong enough to build a relationship on?

Talk about a cross country trip that is sure to drive you wild.  Lance Steele is the perfect hero.  He is gorgeous, caring, and generous.  He puts others needs before his own which makes him even more loveable.  Marcy is a woman who wants more out of her life.  Being screwed over by her ex-husband and left with a child to care for on her own is enough to make any woman stronger.  Plus seeing that the right man can definitely awaken any woman's hidden desire makes the story more compelling. Linda Conrad doesn't disappoint this reviewer in any way with BETWEEN STRANGERS, showing us that home is really where the heart is. Linda Conrad does an extraordinary job of whisking you away into the world of fiery, passionate romance until you turn the very last page.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Bea Sigman

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