Between a Ridge and a Hard Place

Author: Annmarie McKenna

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: June 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Morgan Crenshaw has spent all the time she intends to blending into the office background. She’s a woman on a mission and if that means trading in her tomboy look for ‘skank’ clothes complete with thong underwear then so be it.  Over the past year she’s watched her boss, Ridge, parade his various dates in front of her, and she’s determined to finally be the woman he desires.

Ridge Casey has had the hots for Morgan since the day he hired her to work at the architectural firm but since she never showed the slightest interest in him he wasn’t about to put a strain on their working relationship. Seeing her sitting at her desk looking like sex personified is almost more than he can handle.  Fortunately Morgan puts him out of his misery and admits that the radical change in her appearance is all for him.


Ridge and his business partner Carter are expecting an announcement regarding a bid they’d put in for the design of the Honor Center.  They’ve lost out on the last two bids they put in so everyone’s hopeful that this time is the charm.  As soon as Ridge sees Morgan the bid and anything business oriented takes a backseat to staking his claim on her.  He considers her his woman and seeing her all gussied up brings out the caveman attitude in him - heaven help her if she’s dressed like that for some other man. 


Once he learns that they’ve wasted a whole year pretending not to want each other, Ridge isn’t willing to waste another moment. He certainly isn’t going to allow any other man to see her dressed so provocatively.  Like the alpha male he is, he drags her away from the office and takes her to his place where they proceed to cement their relationship.  There’s just a little problem that crops up - Malone and Casey have lost out on the bid and this time they know that someone in their business is selling inside information to the competition.  Is it possible the changes in Morgan and her seduction of Ridge are intended to cover up her involvement in sabotaging the company?


Annmarie McKenna has quickly garnered many readers attention with her smoldering hot storylines and memorable characters.  Who hasn’t been ‘in love’ with the boss, a coworker, or even a teacher?  Morgan’s shy boldness really struck a cord with me.  She’s got an air of innocent hopefulness while still maintaining a confident air.  Ridge is wonderfully alpha while still being vulnerable.  I was charmed by his insecurity where Morgan’s concerned.  I’d love to see a follow up story for Carter - possibly with a hook up with the office ‘witch’ Amy Lee.  I admit it I really didn’t like her but I could easily imagine Carter taking command of her - in a very good way.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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