Between the Sheets
By Chrissy Dionne
Oct 3, 2008 - 1:37:38 PM

Emma Jamison never set out to be famous.  All she wanted was to maintain her own temporary-butler service and once she meets Mr. Right marry and have kids.  That’s not too much to ask, is it?  Apparently it is, but her last job lands her as the face of the woman who’s ‘services’ caused the fatal heart-attack that ended the president-elect’s life.  Never mind that she never even met the man.

Emma was simply doing her job as a temporary butler when the president-elect along with his secret service staff arrived at the Mullendorf estate.  She stayed cloistered in the kitchen rechecking the inventory while Ferguson and his call girl were hustled up the back stairway.  She heard the banging from above stairs and thought that something was wrong with the water heater but with a secret service agent ensuring she stayed out of the way, she quicklyrealizes just what the squeaking means and is very uncomfortable with
the situation because she knows Ferguson’s wife is out of town. 
As luck would have it one of the buttons pops off her dress just as she’s preparing to leave and she tries to repair the damage with a safety pin.  Seconds later there’s apparently an emergency because she’s practically ejected from the house, with her dress gaping open.  The photographers waiting outside take pictures of her leaving and it isn’t until later that evening that she learns what happened. 
Nobody believes she’s innocent – and she exhausts all her assets trying to prove that she wasn’t the woman with Ferguson.  Left with few options, Emma makes the move to Chartreuse, Louisiana while praying for a fresh start.
D.A. Max Duveal is running for a second term in office and scandal is something he definitely can’t afford.  That doesn’t stop him from taking a shine to Emma.  Since her grandmother and his grandfather have apparently defied the retirement center’s ‘rules’ and are shacking up it’s impossible to avoid her.  The more he gets to know her the more he realizes that something about the woman he’s come to know isn’t anything like how the press has depicted her.  What’s even more shocking is the evidence she’s provided points to the very real possibility that she’s telling the truth and she really never met Ferguson.  Dare he risk his heart and office to a woman who’s still the subject of so much public speculation?
Have you ever wondered about the women publicly humiliated after having affairs with public officials?  BETWEEN THE SHEETS gives readers a new perspective about how it would be to try to live down a scandal – especially when the woman in question is totally innocent.  I felt so bad for Emma over her ordeal – especially since she has such a phobia of cameras and she’s constantly being hounded by paparazzi.  Max is absolutely wonderful.  He could have easily ignored Emma’s plight but instead he befriends her and sets about finding evidence to prove her innocence.  The couple that really did wonders on rounding out this story are Emma’s grandmother, Dorothy, and Max’s grandfather, Harold.  Their spirited hijinks and matchmaking maneuvers keep this story hopping and readers laughing in glee at antics.  Robin Wells tells a fast past thrilling story full of passion, laughter, tears, and a half-assed covered up politician’s sex scandal.

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