Beware of Doug
By Leigh O
Jan 8, 2007 - 7:21:00 AM

Lily is finally dating Gerald, the handsome lawyer from her father’s firm that she’s been dreaming about for years.  In her eyes he’s the perfect man; intelligent, cultured, and well-dressed.  Best of all, Doug, her man-hating Bulldog, actually seems to like him.  He must be perfect if Doug isn’t running him off, right?  The only problem is that their dates are falling short of her expectations.  The romance is just plain dull. The lack of passion is frustrating Lily, and has her eye wandering to her sexy new neighbor, Brady.

Pilot Brady Cole is ready to turn over a new leaf.  He’s always kept his relationships short and casual, until a one-night-only date became an obsessive stalker.  Wanting some distance between him and the mentally ill woman, Brady moves into the other half of Lily’s duplex. His plans for a ‘date diet’ – his brother’s term for pursuing a relationship instead of just sex – is seriously compromised when he meets Lily.  He’s instantly attracted to Lily, but for the first time finds himself wanting to know a woman as a person and friend, not just in bed.  Doug has other plans for Brady, though.


Doug takes his job protecting Lily seriously.  There’s no length he won’t go to, and barking and biting pants legs are just the beginning for keeping men away from his Lily.  Nothing is sacred to Doug, not welcome mats, shoes, or even motorcycles.


BEWARE OF DOUG is wonderfully funny, a treat for both dog-lovers and fans of romantic comedy.  The relationship between Lily and Brady was both sweet and steamy, and I loved that some scenes were written from Doug’s point of view.  You knew exactly what that smile on his face was about!  Fans of Ms. Fox will recognize the characters from GUYS AND DOGS, and enjoy catching up with Megan and Sutter.  BEWARE OF DOUG is a great read, definite keeper-shelf material.

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