Beyond Blonde
By Roberta Austin
Jan 1, 2006 - 5:52:00 AM

Georgia Watkins knew all about hair long before she moved to New York. She spent her childhood in her mother Doreen's beauty parlor in Weepeekeemie, New Hampshire. It was there she learned that technique is important, but having the touch is what brings customers back.

After beauty school Georgia followed her friend Patrick to the tony Jean-Luc Salon in New York City. She had to deal with big egos and demanding clients to move from a lowly assistant to a colorist in high demand. In a field heavy with creative but gay men, Georgia is worried that she will never find true love. It is hard to date outside her field. When the handsome Massimo declares his feelings in a unique way, Georgia has to make many decisions that will affect her future.
Ms. Flynn-Hui has certainly followed the old adage of "write what you know". The reader gets glimpses inside the world of salons that is unknown to most of us. Even if we are not tabloid readers, most of us love the guilty pleasure of gossip and the author dishes out delicious tidbits of insider information. A Google search reveals that this entertaining debut novel is scheduled to be made into a major motion picture. It has all the elements to be a box office smash.
Georgia is an engaging heroine and her innate kindness in world that is full of climbers and backstabbers makes you want to cheer for her. The love story comes later in the plot, but is well worth the wait. The secondary characters add a mixture of humor and tenderness. The wry humor and clever dialog make BEYOND THE BLONDE pure reading pleasure.
Ms. Flynn-Hui is a successful colorist and now she can add a dazzling debut novel to her resume.


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