Midsummer Night’s Steam – Beyond the Tears
By Nickie Langdon
Jul 14, 2007 - 7:31:19 PM

It’s been a year and Cassidy still grieves for his husband who died while serving his country in Iraq. Her friend April finally talks her into taking a week’s vacation and going to Key West. She also tells her that she has to find the sexiest stud there and enjoy him.

Cassidy isn’t interested in spending the week bed hopping. She feels restless one evening and goes down to relax in the Jacuzzi. While she’s sitting in the hot water, something inside her soul gives her the nerve to pleasure herself. When it’s over, she’s embarrassed beyond belief and prays no one saw her. She escapes to her room.


Chase Dempsey did see her. He couldn’t take his eyes off the lovely woman. She left her sarong when she fled. What better way to get to know her than to return it. Even though he isn’t looking for love, he needs to know who she is and what makes her tick.


The next morning he sees her sitting at a table picking at her breakfast. He asks if he can join her. At first she hesitates and he promises to stay only until her friend arrives.


When he hands her the sarong, she wants to know how he got it. He promises to keep her secret if she’ll go sightseeing with him. One thing leads to another and a short romance ensues. Neither is looking for love, but the attraction is so strong.


BEYOND THE TEARS is another of the MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S STEAM story. Michelle Cary does a magnificent job of taking a wounded soul and a lonely one and bringing them together. I wanted to cry when Chase left to return home. Cassidy was alone again, but she was determined to go on - alone. But will it last?


This summer’s offerings are fantastic. Keep that credit card handy and grab these luscious stories as they’re released. You won’t be disappointed.

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