Big Boned
By Sarah W
Dec 5, 2007 - 5:50:51 PM

One time pop star Heather Wells is still enjoying her job as assistant dorm director at Fischer Hall, dubbed Death Dorm because of all the recent murders that have taken place there. But Heather is sure the trouble is finally over. The dorm even has a new interim director, Dr. Owen Veatch, while the search continues for a permanent replacement. Heather does not mind Owen. He seems like an okay guy, kind of stodgy and a stickler for rules but Heather can get along with that. It all seems to be going well until Heather comes in from an early morning jog (well, more of a walk) to discover Owen dead in his office from a bullet to the head. The tragedy of Death Dorm strikes again!

Suddenly, Heather needs to bring her amateur sleuthing skills back to play as she unwittingly gets involved in solving the case of Owen's murder. The possible suspects are plenty but Heather gets the feeling she still has not caught the real criminal. With her crush Cooper Cartwright helping her, and with her boyfriend Tad hinting at something about their relationship, Heather has a lot on her mind. Love, murder, school politics, it is all coming together in Meg Cabot's BIG BONED.


Just about every word uttered by Heather Wells on the pages of BIG BONED is sure to produce spontaneous laughter. Heather Wells is a kindhearted, do-gooder character who cannot help but be drawn in by trouble. She cares for the students who live in her dorm, going above and beyond the call of duty often. But this just adds charm to her character, and to the story. As for the mystery, there are a few red herrings to sort out. I was more focused on Heather's interactions with her students, Cooper, and the other characters. She brings life to this mystery and to these pages. I was sad to see the story end but also very happy with the way it ended. Meg Cabot is an author who is certain to bring a smile to your face at the end of her story. Laughter, love, and hijinks make BIG BONED an amusing read!

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