Big Girls Don't Cry

Author: Cathie Linz

Publisher: Berkley

Release Date: October 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Leena Riley is a plus size model down on her luck.   She has no choice but to return to the only place she despises, her home town of Angels Fall.   Leena is a master at planning and figures if she can get a job right away, she will only have to be there for the summer.   Upon her arrival, she notices a “Help Wanted” sign on a veterinarian’s door.   Leena is appalled and shocked to learn that the doctor is none other than Cole Flannigan.   She is shocked to her toes by way his sexy voice feels like honey running on her skin and the deep trembling that he elicits from her.   Leena knows that she must stay away from Cole or her heart will be broken when she has to leave.   Will Leena discover that her love for Cole is what makes her whole?   Or will her determination to make it big in the modeling world cause her to leave the man she loves behind?

Dr. Cole Flannigan is a well-respected veterinarian and is considered a ladies’ man.   He dates a lot of women, but he breaks it off before it can become too serious.   Cole is in dire need of a secretary for his animal practice to help him get everything organized and the paperwork caught up.   However, when he walks into the reception area to see Leena getting everyone under control, he goes against his good sense and hires her on the spot.   Cole can not believe the undeniable sexual tension that flares between them and declares he will not allow her to capture his heart.   Will Cole open his heart and allow Leena’s love to give him his greatest desire?   Or will he suffer a broken heart and let her leave to find her true self?


Within the pages of BIG GIRLS DON’T CRY, I stumbled upon an exceptionally beautiful love story wrapped around comedy that had me laughing out loud and sobbing from the fairy-tale ending.   Cathie Linz pens another award-winning tale that will keep you up all night reading to see how Leena and Cole get through their differences.   The easy and witty bantering between the characters is vivid, funny and endearing.   The plot is beguiling and fulfilling.   


I absolutely adored these characters.   Leena is a spunky, wisecracking young lady that you can not help but adore.   She is stubborn, strong-willed and determined to make it big in the modeling world despite her size.   She feels she has something to prove to everyone and has forgotten that she should come first.   Leena thinks Cole is obstinate, quirky and the sexiest man she has ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on.   Cole is a charming and sexy.   He loves animals and has a big heart.   He thinks Leena is charming, passionate and willful.   But he also knows that deep down she has forgotten that there are many reasons to love her.   I was really enamored with Leena and Cole’s story.   The secondary characters are just as quirky, vibrant and lovely and I had to keep reading to find out how they would play into the whole picture.


I highly recommend BIG GIRLS DON’T CRY to every romance reader out there.   It is truly an enchanting story that is well-written and penned by the talented author, Cathie Linz.   





By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Billie Jo

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