Big Hair and Flying Cows
By Cat Cody
Apr 1, 2005 - 10:35:00 PM

Bertie Byrd's life in Sweet Meadow Georgia was never dull-unfortunately. When she wasn't picking up ladies from the Garden Club who thought her tow truck was a glorified taxi, she was busy fighting with the zoning board trying to get a permit to keep her wrecker in her driveway. Was the entire state of Georgia insane or was it just her?

Things might be looking up though, she'd met a sexy guy at one of her calls, and her best friend Mary Lou had stopped giving her make overs. Not that she couldn't use a make over as much as the next girl, but Mary Lou tended to tease her hair so high it got caught in things. Like dangling cow ornaments, that stayed stuck in her hair all night long. And even though the sexy guy moonlighted as a stripper, that wasn't the worst thing to have in a boyfriend, was it?


Bertie was about to find out how much worse things could get. Her landlord kept showing up at her house after escaping from the nursing home, which wouldn't be so bad if he was wearing clothes. Then his friends started calling her, asking her to move out of his house and threatening her while they were at it. If that wasn't bad enough, her brother Bobby showed up uninvited, telling her he's going to be living there for a while. What's a girl to do to get some peace and quiet in her own home?


BIG HAIR AND FLYING COWS is positively the most hysterically funny book I've ever read. Dolores J. Wilson writes a laugh-until-it-hurts book that will have your sides aching as you turn the pages to see what calamity will befall the long-suffering Bertie next. This is one book that you'll want to share with your friends and family so they can laugh along with you. If you're feeling blue, pick up this book immediately. After looking at Bertie's life, your own troubles will seem mild in comparison. This is the first book from debut author Dolores J. Wilson, and I sincerely hope it isn't her last.

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