Big Sky Mountain
By Dottie
Aug 4, 2012 - 11:05:43 PM

Hutch Carmody lost his mother when he was quite young and his father had not been one to show his love. Even his relationship with Slade, his illegitimate half-brother, was a bit strained. It did not help matters when Hutch, expecting to inherit the family ranch, Whiskey Creek, on the death of his father, ended up having to share the inheritance with Slade. But his half-brother helped matters by purchasing his own ranch out of the proceeds from selling his half of Whiskey Creek to Hutch, and now he has a family of his own.  The two brothers are finally beginning to find peace with each other, although their relationship is still somewhat strained. Tired of toiling around in the big house by himself and envisioning the house filled with a family, Hutch had asked gorgeous Brylee to marry him. But as their wedding day grew closer, he tried to convince her that they did not belong together. Yet she insisted that he just had cold feet. So on the day of the wedding, he stood at the front of the church, waiting for his bride. But just as she starts down the aisle on the arm of her brother, Hutch calls an end to the ceremony, shocking everyone. His bride stomps on her flowers and rushes out of the church. The next thing he knows he is being roasted online at a We Hate Hutch site. But he knows it would have been worse to marry Brylee since he did not love her. Since he was young, his heart has belonged to Kendra. He had always thought they belonged together, but she had left him for an English guy with a title. Then when she had reached out to him a few days after her elopement, he had let his pride get in the way.

Kendra Shepherd grew up with her grandmother in a rundown trailer. Although her grandmother did the best she could for her, Kendra knew she was a burden to the woman. For most of her life, Kendra has been in love with Hutch, but he had trouble trusting her. After he walked out on her, an Englishman named Jeffrey saw his chance to win Kendra. They ran off and eloped. But right up until she said her vows, she had hoped that Hutch would come after her. But he never came. So she and Jeffrey had moved into the mansion in town that she had wanted to live in since she was a young girl. But he refused to allow her to have the children she wanted, the ones who would add love and noise to the quiet mansion. Finally, they divorced. At the request of her dying ex-husband, Kendra went to England, spending much of her time there. On his deathbed, he begged her to find his daughter in the United States, a child that he had with another woman while married to Kendra. The child’s mother had signed away all her rights to the child, so the child was in the care of the state. Finding the child, Madison, Kendra falls in love with her as soon as she sees her. Adopting her, Kendra returns to Parable, Montana. She moves into a smaller house, opens a real estate office with her best friend and has put the mansion up for sale.


Being in the small town together, Hutch and Kendra are constantly running into each other and the attraction between them is stronger than ever. But when little four-year-old Madison falls in love with the ‘cowboy man’ and starts dropping hints about wanting a daddy like the other kids in her preschool, Kendra finds it even harder to resist him. Just seeing how he interacts with the small girl touches her heart, as she imagines the three of them as a family. However, she doesn’t know if she can trust him, believing that he walked out on her years ago and seeing how he recently walked out on his own wedding. Can she trust him to make a life with her, or will he break not only her heart, but Madison’s as well?


A heartwarming read, BIG SKY MOUNTAIN, the second novel in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Linda Lael Miller’s PARABLE, MONTANA series, is a witty, emotion-packed contemporary story of second chances.  Sexual tension runs rampant between Hutch and Kendra and the chemistry between them is sizzling hot. The childlike antics of Madison add a great deal of appeal to the story. Readers may find themselves longing to lie in a close-knit town like Parable, or for a cowboy of their own. Packed with passion, family dynamics, weddings, witty repartee, engaging characters, love, second chances and life in general, this story is one you will not soon forget. Whenever I want a great western love story, I look no further than author Linda Lael Miller. BIG SKY MOUNTAIN can easily be read as a standalone, but for additional enjoyment do not miss the first book in this series, BIG SKY COUNTRY. I enjoyed this story immensely and look forward to the next story in this exciting series, BIG SKY RIVER, due out in December.

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