Parable, Montana, Big Sky, book 6 - Big Sky Secrets
By Dottie
Jan 13, 2014 - 8:00:00 AM

During the more than thirty years of his life, Landry Sutton has never failed at anything he set out to do, unless you count his ill-fated marriage. With nothing in common, that was a step that he and his ex-wife should never have taken, but that is in the past now. A self-made tycoon, Landry arrived in Parable, Montana at Hangman’s Bend Ranch, which he and his brother jointly own, a year ago. Having previously lived in Chicago, he is considered a dandy by the other cowboys. His brother, famous A-list actor Zane from BIG SKY WEDDING, is also half owner of the ranch and although wealthy in his own right, Landry is mostly known as Zane’s brother. The two brothers were close up until their mother’s death. Then they went their separate ways; Zane to the rodeo circuit and Landry to Chicago, where he worked days and attended school at night until he received his degree. A financial whiz, Landry worked his way up to partner.

When he first came to the ranch, it was with the intention of selling his half to his brother and then returning to the big city. However, he fell for the Big Sky countryside, but it is the encounter with his beautiful neighbor Ria that convinces him to remain in Montana a little longer. With two houses on the ranch, Zane lives on one half and Landry on the other. Except for his butler, Highbridge, and his herd of two buffalo, Landry lives alone on his part of the ranch.

Widow Ria Manning has always dreamed of having a family and a man who doesn’t wander. She had loved her husband, but after he cheated on her that one time, she could not get back the trust in her husband she once had. Since purchasing an obsolete flower farm bordering Hangman’s Bend Ranch, Ria is just settling into country life when she is stymied by a buffalo owned by her neighbor, Landry. The animal traps her in her home and is trampling her flower bed. After having had problems with other animals from the neighboring ranch, Ria has had her fill. However, it is the magnetic man himself who may prove to be her biggest threat.

She and Landry arrived in the area about the same time and from the beginning she saw him as stubborn and full of himself.  But after he dares her on a date and she reluctantly accepts, she begins to see the good qualities in him. Before long, she begins falling for him, but is he someone she can rely on or will it become a repeat of her past?

Number one New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Linda Lael Miller ends her PARABLE, MONTANA, BIG SKY series with a bang in her latest delectable novel, BIG SKY SECRETS. This sexy, contemporary western romance is sure to steal many hearts. Ria and Landry are shooting sparks off each other before they even realize that they are meant for each other. Especially endearing is Ria’s seventeen-year-old niece, Quinn, who has run away from home. Quinn is the daughter of Ria’s half-sister who makes no secret of her dislike for her sibling. But it is to Ria that Quinn runs, and at times, their interaction will break your heart.

With vivid imagery, loveable pets, vibrant characters, witty banter, family dynamics, one runaway teenager, romance and true love, Ms. Miller brings the modern west to life. Although this book finished up the series beautifully, I am sorry to see it end. I guess I’ll just have to start from the beginning and read them all over again. If you are looking for a charming story with loads of romance, humor, family and a bit of spice, look no further than BIG SKY SECRETS or any of the delicious books in this series. I highly recommend Ms. Miller’s PARABLE, MONTANA, BIG SKY series!

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