Big Sky Summer
By Dottie
May 29, 2013 - 5:04:37 PM

Walker Parrish wants a family to come home to at night. He could have had that with Casey, but her career came first. She is the woman he loves but it seems that the only time they get along is in bed. His children believe he is a favorite uncle and he longs to tell them the truth…if he can only get Casey to agree. Walker owns a large ranch and lives there with his sister Brylee, who is suffering from depression after being left at the altar and now refuses to attend any of the local weddings. She is close to Walker’s children although she has no idea they are his.

When Casey Elder was young, she lost her parents and went to live with her grandparents, but it had been their servants who had given her love. At a young age, Casey was given a guitar and she poured all of her free time into it. Later, pursuing a musical career, she had become pregnant by a rancher named Walker, but she refused to be tied down on a ranch when she was just building her musical career. When she discovered she was pregnant, she tried to tell Walker that the baby belonged to another man, but when she became pregnant again shortly afterwards, he knew the truth…he was the father of both of her children. Although Walker had wanted nothing more than to claim Casey and his two children for his own, he went along with her lie that the babies were born in a laboratory…test tube babies.

Now Casey is a famous country-western singer and their two children are teenagers. Seeing how fast they are growing up, Casey has stopped touring and has purchased a house in the small town of Parable, Montana, where Walker lives. Attending a local wedding for one of her friends, Casey realizes that the time has come to tell her children the truth, especially after watching the love that Walker pours over his children whenever they are near him. But will her children ever forgive her? When this news becomes public and the media descends upon them, will Casey and Walker be able to protect their children?

A heartwarming tale, BIG SKY SUMMER, the fourth book in New York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Miller’s PARABLE, MONTANA series, is a poignant, sensual contemporary romance that captivated me from the very beginning. Casey loves her singing career, but she wonders if she can be more…like a rancher’s wife. Secrets, unforgettable characters, realistic dialogue, weddings, small town dynamics, sexual chemistry, picturesque settings, paparazzi, healing, forgiveness, romance and love combine to bring this story and the town of Parable, Montana to life. Fans of this series will enjoy the opportunity of revisiting the characters from the previous books. Although this story can be read as a standalone, to get the full picture of this wonderful town and its people, I advise also reading the first three books in this delightful series; BIG SKY COUNTRY, BIG SKY MOUNTAIN and BIG SKY RIVER.

Reading one of Ms. Miller’s beautifully written novels is like visiting old friends as she plops her readers down in the small town, quickly making the characters seem like lifelong friends. But why take my word for it – do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of your own. I am certain you will be glad you did.

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