Biker Chic
By Teresa Henson
Dec 13, 2006 - 11:19:00 PM

Melanie Brooks is relieved, yet sad, that her divorce from Phil is final at last. When he left her for a much younger woman, she was heartbroken, but willing to settle for just half of the house and property. 
After Phil comes to the house to pick up the last of his belongings, and violates her in a way she can’t believe, she gets mad. Not just mad, but furious, and she hires the best lawyer she can to make sure he doesn’t cheat her on their divorce settlement. She is surprised to find out that he has millions stashed away in accounts. To her satisfaction, albeit an empty one, she is awarded the house and half of his money. Her desire for revenge is sated, but her heart and soul is still empty.

Marrying Phil just after graduation, Melanie had been molded by him to be just the way he wanted her—dependent and helpless. She has never been with any other man but her ex-husband. She never had the desire to cheat on him like he did her—over and over again. Now that she is single again, she doesn’t want to be one of those women "on the prowl." She is lonely, but not that lonely! Her friend, Angela, urges her to get away for a while. She can afford it, why not? A change of scenery may be just what she needs.


She finally decides that is exactly what she needs to do—take a long weekend away from home. Making up her mind to visit Carlsbad Caverns, only a few short hours away, she packs and prepares herself to go; deciding to drive herself. It didn’t look like a difficult drive.


Melanie’s inexperience with dealing with anything besides being her ex’s "showpiece" surfaces soon enough on her trip. Taking a wrong turn in the desert, she doesn’t realize anything is wrong, even when her air conditioner quits blowing cool air. It’s not until her car quits on her that she realizes she has a real problem. Miles from anywhere, on a lesser traveled road in the desert, she doesn’t know what to do.


The few cars that pass don’t stop to assist her, but when a couple bikers stop, she’s not sure she wants their help. They are so dirty and scary looking. When one of them offers her a ride to the next town, she is ready to let them just send a tow truck back. One gets disgusted and leaves, but the other, Jake, stays behind to talk sense to her. It could be hours before anyone else passes. So, despite her misgivings, she accepts a ride on his Harley. Unprepared for the sensations it, and the driver, have on her. Melanie is about to begin the ride of her life.


Empathy and anger were the first emotions I felt for Melanie at the beginning of BIKER CHIC. She is a character that it would be easy for any woman to identify with in regards to her insecurity over her age and looks. I wanted to strangle Phil myself, and was glad Melanie got the divorce settlement she did! Jake was exactly the kind of "fantasy biker" we might all wish we were lucky enough to meet while broke down in the desert. Ms. Quinn has a wonderful way of capturing your attention so that you don’t quit reading until the end. Sexually titillating and graphic, this book is not for the very young or faint of heart.

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