Biker Chic
By Shayla
Mar 1, 2005 - 8:55:00 PM

Melanie Brooks is newly single. Her plastic surgeon husband leaves her for a twenty-one year old woman he 'beautified'. Throughout their eighteen years of marriage she has done just about everything to please him. Except to give in to some of his sexual desires. After he leaves Melanie is devastated. How is she going to live without him? What did she do or not do to make him want to leave her? She knows he has had many affairs over the years, but what was it about this one that made him want to leave her?

Phil returns to pick up some of his things and catches Melanie pleasuring herself. What happens next leaves Melanie hating Phil. As soon as the divorce is finalized Melanie decides to take a road trip. Along the way she has car troubles. Help comes in the form of tattooed biker Jake Marrs. Melanie is instantly attracted to him.  But can she have a one night stand then walk away? Jake teaches Melanie to relax and live one day at a time.

Devyn Quinn's story of a woman who has to learn to live on her own after eighteen year of marriage is excellent. It lets the women who are going through this know that there is hope out there, even if it comes in the form of a hunky tattooed biker. The only thing is BIKER CHIC left me wanting more. It is a great read.

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