Man of the Month: Billionaire Extraordinaire
By Pamela Denise
Sep 1, 2009 - 9:53:03 AM

Damien Medici is known for his brutal approach in business.  He rose to the top with one goal in mind, to seek revenge against the De Lucas for the wrong done in the past that tore his own family apart.  Damien is given that opportunity when Megalos-De Luca Enterprises hires him to reorganize and streamline the company.  His new sweet little secretary is the key to finding the information he needs, but she is proving much more of a distraction than he bargained for.


Emma Weatherfield is grateful to Megalos-De Luca Enterprises for allowing her to climb the corporate ladder, funding her college expenses and allotting her a substantial income.  She’s always had to scrape by and save to bail her mother out of one gambling debt after another.  When the company asks her to act as a double agent and report Damien Medici’s actions back to them, she can’t refuse.  Emma knew about his ruthless business tactics, but they have nothing to do with why her calm demeanor dissipates in Damien’s presence. 


Damien comes up with a plan to seduce Emma to get the needed information on De Luca and satisfy his need for her at the same time.  However, he didn’t plan on Emma being so alluring or igniting a fire that he can’t seem to tamp out.  His plans for revenge are almost attainable.  But, is he willing to lose Emma in order to achieve his goal?


BILLIONAIRE EXTRAORDINAIRE boasts revenge, romance and secrets untold.  The combination of conflict and passion lured me from the start.  Leanne Banks does an extraordinary job creating characters that are real and memorable; Damien and Emma were no exception.  Their emotional growth as the story progresses was a joy to read.  This is a fun, sexy read that is sure to entertain.

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