Birthday Blessing

Author: Jill Noelle and Julia Daniels

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Release Date: October 19, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Lillian Smythe's life is very full.   She works as an obstetrician, volunteers at a woman’s clinic and cares for several of her eccentric family members.   When her Aunt Fran does her annual birthday tarot reading - and gifts her with a tarot deck full of well endowed men Lillian can’t help but be embarrassed but also intrigued by the hunk depicted on the King of Swords card.

Detective Brent Kennedy has recently moved back to the town of Cary and as the low man on the police totem pole getting darn tired of the crappy assignments being thrown his way.   He’s out to prove himself and somehow babysitting a little old lady who claims that he’s ‘her Lillian’s king’ just isn’t what he had in mind when it comes to ‘serve and protect.’


Lillian’s growing frustrated with the trouble she’s having keeping nurses for her family.   Aunt Grace’s unaccompanied escapades to the department store she’s owned for the past fifty some-odd-years has once again landed her in the custody of the police.   Of course, Aunt Grace actually enjoys these visits since it gives her the opportunity to beat the officers at poker.   For Lillian, it’s one more pressure as she’s forced to try to find care for the members of her family who do require it and the only nursing agency in town, U-Needa-Nurse, has thus far provided nothing but unreliable nurses.


When she goes to pick up her aunt from the police station, her hospital beeper goes off – one of her patients is in labor and close to delivery.   The last thing she expects is to run into a man who looks exactly like the man on the King of Clubs card.   It couldn’t really be him, could it?   She’s disconcerted by the uncanny resemblance and not sure how to react to him.   Brent, however, is extremely curious about Lillian.   She’s got a pager, expecting a delivery, and his coworker Sam had called her a ‘drug dealer’.   Why a drug dealer could walk into the police department and joke about it is beyond him but he’s determined to learn more about her ‘deliveries.’


Since meeting Mr. King of Hearts, aka Brent, Lillian has become obsessed with sex.   Unbeknownst to Lillian she dropped her pager on the way out of the police station and Brent found it.   When the pager does beep again, Brent calls the number displayed only to discover that Lillian is a doctor – suddenly it all makes perfect sense and he’s more captivated by her then ever.   Her frumpy appearance and her caring nature just seem to endear her to him.   When he returns the pager to her one thing leads to another and keeping their hands off each other proves to be impossible.   Will he truly be Lillian’s BIRTHDAY BLESSING?


Jill Noelle and Julia Daniels bring this spirited tale of BIRTHDAY BLESSING to life by combining wacky characters and a tarot reading with some very naughty cards.   Lillian is a warm and giving woman who I couldn’t help but adore.   She’s nobody’s push over and you have to admire her for taking on all the responsibilities she shoulders alone.   Brent is a no-nonsense kind of guy and between the guys at work giving him a hard time and his foundling relationship with Lillian he’s having a hard time adjusting.   Throw in some missing possessions, a ghostly relative, Brent’s mother’s illness, and some heated encounters and you have the makings for a fun-filled tale full of heart and hope.   Beautifully written ladies!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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