Bite Me!
By Lacey
Oct 1, 2008 - 5:40:32 PM

Holly Mitchell is known for her stubborn ways—especially when it comes to business.  As Chief Marketing Officer and General Manager of Dalton Hotel she worked her way up from the bottom, her determination driving her to do the best and be the best at what she does.  However, Dalton’s competition The Gold Star Hotel and her nemesis Tristen Reese are complicating her life.  The wealthy Miranda brothers, owners of the two hotels, plan to merge, leaving the position of General Manager for both hotels up for grabs.  Either Holly or Tristen will be promoted, making one superior to the other.

Tristen Reese has strict limits on how far he will go to get a job.  Even with his infamous reputation with the ladies, sleeping with Holly to win the competition for General Manager was out of the question.  But when his coworkers present him with Holly’s secret desires and intent for a little R and R, he decides to play dirty and give them both what they want.


Her secret wish is to be sexually dominated by a rogue, a part he can play well.  Flying to France to fulfill Holly’s sexual fantasy, the two meet in the lobby of their hotel and sparks fly instantly.  Neither knows the other is who they are since they have never met face-to-face and they retreat to the room for some wild fun between the sheets.  However, what started out as a fantasy weekend is soon thrust back into reality when all secrets come out and true identities are revealed.


BITE ME! is above all, an entertaining read.  Ms. Adrienne Bishop keeps her readers hooked from page one.  Not only is it full of quirky dialogue and frequent as well as smoking-hot sex scenes, it has a fast-paced plot and wonderful characters that are believable and realistic.  Reese is the ultimate dream guy.  Even though there is a bit of deception going on, he had his reasons for it.  I also enjoyed Holly’s character, finding her both interesting and likable.  Overall, I am eagerly awaiting Ms. Bishop’s next novel.

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