Black Gold: Forever Enslaved
By Nickie Langdon
Jan 1, 2006 - 11:51:00 AM

Dahoud, or Bear as his friends called him, and Shana have a love to last a lifetime.  That is, until his country of Kuwait was invaded and members of his family were lost during the fight to gain it back.  Bear runs to search for his countrymen who were taken prisoner whenever a rumor surfaces that they've been sighted.  Shana dreads the phone call that is sure to come saying that he's been killed while on one of those searches into Iraq.

In the ten years that she's lived in Kuwait, Shana had learned to read and write, but not speak their language.  She feels that this would be a detriment to her survival should something happen to Bear.  He doesn't seem to understand her fears or her nightmares and tells her that everything will be okay.


After much thought and being scared to be alone in a foreign country if Bear were killed, Shana informs him that she's taking their daughters and going home to Houston.  Bear is devastated but arranges for a plane to fly them out of Kuwait.  When he sees the plane take off he hopes she'll change her mind and come home soon.


She's left him, but will it last?  Can she give up that once-in-a-lifetime love?  Running home doesn't always solve the problems at hand.


BLACK GOLD:  FOREVER ENSLAVED is another heartwarming and often gut wrenching story of love lost and found.  Ann Jacobs writes a visual story that has the reader so involved that you're watching everything unfold as it happens.  This book is a page-turner and a keeper.  This isn't something anyone under eighteen should read, but if you're over that age, you're really missing a fantastic story if you don't read the continuing saga between Bear and Shana. 

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