Black Gold Series: Entrapped
By Nickie Langdon
May 19, 2009 - 9:24:26 PM

Eleven years ago, during the first Gulf War, Jamil al Hassan was captured and sent to one of Saddam’s prisons. He fears his life may be about over. The torture becomes worse with each passing day. Leila al Sinan lost her husband during that war and suffered horrible scarring on her face and body. She lives with her brother-by-marriage who is the prison’s chief jailer.

When Saddam’s army entered Kuwait and the first Gulf War began, Jamil was taken prisoner. For eleven long years he’s been tortured and sexually molested by the jailer’s henchmen. Jamil fears that his time on earth is about to come to an end but he’ll stop at nothing to be free when it happens.


Leila lives with her brother-by-marriage, the chief jailer, and his wife at the prison. He revels in his ability to torture, maim and humiliate the prisoners. Leila grows restless with want of a man to take care of her body’s urges. Unfortunately, she was left so scarred when the war began that she’s aware that those urges will go unfulfilled.


The chief jailer is convinced to allow Leila access to the prisoners and she chooses Jamil. He’s more than willing to satisfy the woman but he’d also like to touch her with his hands. Leila insists that he must remain cuffed, hand and foot, to the bed.


The visits become a nightly occurrence and Jamil continues to ask to be allowed to touch her with his hands. On one such night, Leila brings the keys to unlock Jamil. She’d overheard her brother-by-marriage mention that all the prisons would be put to death. He’d received orders to leave the prison.


Jamil refuses to go without the American and he refuses to go without the badly tortured older man who has been in the prison for years. The man’s final hours would be extremely painful if they were to leave him. During the cover of night, Leila uses the key to free the men. Jamil insists that she go with them.


The road to freedom is not without incident, but Jamil has begun to care for Leila and will protect her with his life. He tells her that once they’re back in his country, he wants her to agree to be his wife. He’ll find doctors to heal her scars.


There are many decisions to make. Leila wonders if she could ever be accepted among his people and whether she should even attempt it. After all, how could Jamil really want a scarred woman who can’t and won’t reveal herself to him? Is it possible Jamil can look beyond those and love the person she is deep inside? The scenes between them are both heartwarming and gut wrenching at times.


This book was previously released as part of the CAPTIVATED anthology. I loved Ann Jacob’s BLACK GOLD series. ENTRAPPED will hold your attention and have you hooked until you reach the end. This story touches on some of the horrible details of life in an Iraqi prison during that war. The torture scenes are not graphically detailed. There’s mention of screaming in the background and statements about what might be at hand.

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