Black Olives
By Kathleen R
Jan 7, 2008 - 9:38:04 AM

After seeing David, her lover of ten years in a store, heartbroken Virginia frets outside in the parking lot.   Knowing his truck is parked next to her car, something he probably didn’t even notice, she crawls into his back seat.   Angry, she knows full well that her behavior is obsessive.   Close enough to hear him breathe for the rest of the day, she hides and tries to figure out what cursed their romance.


Virginia reflects on the details of his personality while spying on him.   She fears humiliation since he’s sure to discover her, but somehow this undercover thrill is worth it.   While she reflects over her willingness to cheer him through his intermittent depression, will she at some point confront him?   Will she talk him into coming back to her?   Can she ever stop missing him?

Martha Tod Dudman writes BLACK OLIVES with wit and truthfulness about the pain of midlife love lost.   I was mesmerized by Virginia’s tortured reflections as she bounces along on gravel roads under the sweaters that smell like him.   Dudman’s Virginia is smart and funny, and I couldn’t turn the pages of BLACK OLIVES fast enough.   I highly recommend this compelling fictional account to everyone I know.   I liked BLACK OLIVES so much that I read it twice.


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