Black Point
By jhayboy
Oct 3, 2008 - 6:29:33 AM

Although he is gay, he finds himself more and more attracted to author Rose Carter, the same person who answers his email with not only teasing little jibs, but also with a touch of anger that sounds like jealousy. He finds the attraction a little odd as Rose is a woman, and he is a gay man.

Thomas Carter has written under the pen name Rose Carter for more years than he would care to remember. He knows the game well enough not to have expectations of people he makes connections with over the net. However, after talking to Matt for a while on the net, he is not only attracted to his style of writing, but to the person that is revealed in every email they exchange.


When the opportunity arises for them to be at a promotion at the same time, Matt is very exciting to finally meet the woman who brings out such strong emotions in him, while Thomas is scared that not being honest beforehand about his pen name might make a bigger difference than he cares to admit.  


BLACK POINT is a refreshing read, just right for the end of the summer. The characters are full of hope and wanting, but realistic enough to know that not all dreams come true. Matt is a sweetheart, and when he displays his more aggressive side, it’s actually quite a turn on. Thomas, after all his years on the scene, is unsure of what to do, when he realizes the best thing to happen to him in a long time has been just a click away. But will he lose him before they’ve even met?


The collaboration between Messer’s Llewellyn and Manly is brilliant; their styles blend well together, and readers are able to pick up on the best of both authors in this splendidly written feel good story. Another great read from both men.

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