Black Sands
By Jessica
Sep 1, 2005 - 1:59:00 PM

In BLACK SANDS we get to know Mano Oana better, he's Kaias brother, whom we met briefly in book one of the Aloha Reef series. He's a SEAL in the Navy.  He has always blamed himself for causing his childhood friend, Tomi Tagama, to die while on a mission. How can he cope with the coldness he experiences when he visits the Tagama, being unwelcome in a home where once he was a cherished friend

Annie Tagama is torn between her feelings for Mano and her loyalty to her family. Adding to her anguish is her new fear of hot lava - a fear which is threatening to destroy her career as a volcanologist. Annie's world is further ripped apart when her flashy younger sister, Leilani goes missing and she needs Mano's help to find her before its too late.

Both Annie and Mano must deal with all these issues, plus others that arise before they can, if it is possible, admit their feelings for each other. Can Annie grow from the adversity she faces to make a life for herself instead of living solely for her family? Can Mano accept the changes occurring in his life, and make a commitment to Annie?

Ms. Coble gently inserts enough information on the life of those characters we met in book one to satisfy our curiosity, while bringing to life new ones.  Nani, the dolphin who has broken the communication gap between man and dolphin is again an integral link in this beautifully told story. 

Colleen Coble has masterfully woven a tale that is full of suspense and mystery, while subtly ministering to lost souls. This book has a little something for everyone - romance for the romantic, suspense for those who crave a good 'who dunnit', and a biblical lesson for those readers who are Christians.

This second book in the Aloha Reef series far surpasses the first, Distant Echoes, which was a fantastic read. BLACK SANDS is the type of book that you just have to finish reading in the shortest time possible as each page leaves you wanting to know what will happen next. BLACK SANDS has left me hungry for the next saga in the Aloha Reef series.

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