Black Sheep Billionaire

Author: Jennifer Lewis

Publisher: Silhouette Desire

Release Date: January 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Lily Wharton is on a mission to save her beloved hometown of Blackrock and regain her ancestral home.   Unfortunately her dreams are dependant on Declan, her secret childhood friend, being agreeable and selling her the house and the old mill.  

Declan Gates has made a name for himself as a company raider since leaving Blackrock.   The last thing he wants to do is have any part of saving the town that shunned him and while he’s never forgotten Lily or the kiss they shared that resulted in the end of their friendship.


Declan isn’t happy to arrive in Blackrock and discover that Lily has taken it upon herself to clean up the house he inherited after his mother’s death.   He has no intention of ever living there again but there’s no way he’s going to gracefully cave and let little miss perfect Lily have her way either.   He knows that she’s been trying to contact him but had chosen not to return any of her calls.  


It’s been years since they’d last seen each other and the sexual tension is still as strong as ever - so is the family feud that seemingly makes any romantic relationship between them impossible.   If Lily truly wants his cooperation, she’s going to have to meet his price.   How will he feel when she makes the decision to take her company public in order to raise the funds to meet his demands?   As a company raider Declan knows the risk she’s taking and he’s determined that he will have it all - the woman, her company, the house, and the town at his mercy.   Will he come to regret his decisions and outlook on life?


Jennifer Lewis tells a captivating tale with BLACK SHEEP BILLIONAIRE.   Declan’s antagonistic attitude is almost funny because you can tell that he doesn’t truly want to be the jerk everyone expects him to be.   Lily is the town’s ‘golden girl.’   She can do no wrong so dating the returned bad boy and experiencing first hand the disdain he’s suffered his entire life is a real eye opener for her.   There’s an emotional connection between them that can be felt from the very first page and really draws the reader into the storyline.   Sexy, exciting and emotional this is a book well worth picking up and investing a few hours reading.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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