Black Widow

Author: Lena Austin

Publisher: Loose Id

Release Date: 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Calder is a reporter that must infiltrate the local BDSM community for a magazine article. His assignment is to give an objective, unbiased view for the reader. 
His newly acquired experience is with a female known as the 'Black Widow.' She is an enigma in the BDSM community and outside of it. He has to find out as much as he can about her, without getting drawn into her web.

That is going to be easier said than done, because he is instantly drawn to her. He is fascinated by her mysterious personality and captivated by her many toys. The more that he learns about her, the more that he wants to learn. He soon finds that he can't get enough of the woman known as the 'Black Widow,' but he wants to know the woman behind the facade. Who is the 'Black Widow' and what is her game? Calder has a master's in psychology and thinks that he has the upper hand in this meeting of the minds, but he will learn soon enough that she is the one holding the cards. She might just know a little psychology of her own…

Kelly is a dom known as the 'Black Widow.' She is famous for the role in the BDSM community, a role that has brought her fame and fortune, but unfortunately loneliness as well. In Calder, she sees a personality that she can't make submit and that quality turns her on to no end. Everything in her wants to see him bend to her will, yet at the same time, she relishes in the fact that she has found an equal. However, she has no idea that he is a reporter, a career that is sneered on and unacceptable in the field that she reigns in. Once she finds out what he does for a living, will she reject him as her equal and partner in passion or will she accept him for who he is, like he has with her?

BLACK WIDOW is truly an educational novel on the BDSM community. It offers an informative look on domination and submission. Calder's character being a reporter, offers an objective view into a mysterious sexual community whose members are many. Kelly, aka the 'Black Widow,' is a sexy, sultry female who revels in her control over others, yet relishes her equal in Calder. Her contrasting strength and vulnerability make her a likeable yet formidable character. When the two of them unite, they are a force to be reckoned with, both complementing each other. The storyline is ripe with a sexy plot, steamy sex, and two hot main characters. Ms. Austin delivers a unique tale of domination, submission and the love that falls somewhere in between.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Ansley

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