Black Lace Quickies 10

Author: Cal Jago, Mathilde Madden, Toni Sands, Primula Bond, Melissa Harrison, Jan Bolton

Publisher: Black Lace

Release Date: February 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Derailed by Cal Jago

Kate is no stranger to taking a train to wherever she needs to go. Actually, she enjoys it a bit too much and reveals a personal secret to her companion Dan. She likes to grope people while riding, making them beg for satisfaction. So on her business trip with Dan, he offers her the perfect opportunity to act out her little kink, while turning her own game on her and making her beg for the satisfaction she craves.

DERAILED is an erotic tale of sex with strangers and sex in public places, both of which happen to be the main characters forte. Kate is a woman that knows what she wants and is strong and capable of achieving anything she sets her mind to. I enjoyed this short story and found it to be a wonderful beginning to this anthology.

Lust for Glory by Mathilde Madden

Lou has a crush on a potentially gay man. Because she’s going on hearsay alone, she wants to prove her friends wrong and conjures up a plan to seduce him at a party where her true identity will be hidden. But the party turns wild and her plans of seduction get a bit out of control.

A wickedly sexy tale, LUST FOR GLORY is full of sizzling-hot action that is sure to leave you breathless. Lou is a multi-dimensional character that is interesting and exciting, leaving the reader guessing as to what she will do next.

Montague Heights by Toni Sands

Tessa Delahaye makes her living cleaning up after people. After she returns to the UK having lived in New York for five years, she needs money and finds a client willing to hire her. The apartment is in Montague Heights, a very ritzy neighborhood. But the client isn’t at all what she expected.

This is a teasing tale full of mystery. Ms. Sands gives her readers a glimpse into the charismatic world Tessa steps into with compelling writing. MONTAGUE HEIGHTS is wonderful addition to this anthology.

Thanking Vesuvius by Primula Bond

Laura is on vacation with her sister and a friend. The two girls try to convince her to loosen up and have some fun, yet, when the girls eat some bad fish, Laura is on her own. Soon after, she meets a handsome diver who treats her to a tour of Pompeii and a whole lot more.

THANKING VESUVIUS is a mouth-watering tale of two lovers meeting by chance. Laura didn’t expect to meet her mysterious man, yet once she did, she had the time of her life. Ms. Bond created a story that weaves history and eroticism beautifully.

Dirty Job by Melissa Harrison

Kate’s fantasizes about being intimate with her boss, Adam, but rumors speculate that he is gay. The fantasy only grows more vivid when she catches her boss in his office with another man. Is Adam truly gay or simply open-minded sexually?

DIRTY JOB scorches the pages with the intense love scenes and slight mystery as to Adam’s true sexuality. Ms. Harrison told this story brilliantly.

Perks of the Job by Jan Bolton

A door-to-door surveyor may not sound like a fun job, but the interesting people you meet make the boring job worthwhile. When a fifty year old man invites a pretty blonde surveyor into his house, she expects the day to be just like any other. She’d flirt and tease him, gaining pleasure from arousing strangers. But this time she’s possibly met her match when the older gentleman calls her bluff and introduces her to a world she never imagined.

Ms. Bolton created a spicy, titillating tale with skillful writing and a fast-paced storyline. I enjoyed the characters and the unexpected twists and turns woven skillfully into the plot. The ending to this short tale was a definite surprise!

This collection sizzles! With six talented authors each contributing a steaming-hot erotic tale of lust, power, and love, it will surely leave you craving the next addition by the time you reach the last page. Black Lace knows their stuff when it comes to sizzling tales for women, and this anthology doesn’t disappoint the reader with the diversity in storytelling.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Lacey

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