By Shayla
Jul 10, 2006 - 7:32:00 AM

Brianna Wyatt is blackmailed by her father. If she doesn't do as he tells her to he will put her brother into an institution. Andrew Wyatt wants a male heir, and he's willing to sell his daughter to get one. Cole Masters is the perfect man to get his daughter pregnant. Brianna doesn't want any part of the scheme, but she has to go along with it, if she wants to keep her brother with her. When she meets Cole she finds out that he's unlike most men her father knows, he's caring. Can she trust him to do the right thing?

Cole Masters can't believe what Andrew Wyatt wants. When he meets Brianna for the first time his instincts are to protect her from her monster of a father. But can he believe that she has nothing to do with the plan her father has set up? He turns to his best friend Tyler Cannon to do a little background search and find out more about Brianna and her father. After a few days Cole knows he has fallen for Brianna, and so has Tyler. But can they get Brianna to see that all they want is for her to be happy?

When attempts to end Brianna's life are taken, Cole and Tyler do all they can to keep her safe and out of harms way. Can they find the culprit in time?

BLACKMAILED is a wonderful story. You'll never guess who's behind the attacks. Annmarie McKenna's heroes are strong and sexy. Who wouldn't want a Cole and Tyler for themselves? Brianna is a strong heroine who cares so much for her brother she is willing do whatever it takes to keep him safe. I look forward to reading more of Annmarie McKenna's work.

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