Blackmailed Into Marriage: Wedlocked

Author: Lucy Monroe

Publisher: Harlequin Presents

Release Date: August 1, 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Nothing is more important to Lia Kennedy than her daughter, Kaylee.  She is devastated when she learns that Kaylee has a hole in her heart.  A widow with few resources of her own, Lia can't possibly afford the expensive surgery.  Her in-laws are willing to help but even if they sold everything they own, it wouldn't be enough.  Lia is forced to turn to her rich grandfather in Spain for help.  But his help comes at a steep price.

Damian Marquez is a savvy businessman who has amassed a great deal of wealth, but what he truly desires is recognition.  Because of his illegitimate birth, his noble Spanish family refuses to acknowledge him.  Benedicto Chavez-Torres can give Damian the title he desires.  Although he has managed to hide it from most people, Benedicto is no longer a wealthy man.  Damian is one of the few who know about his troubles and he's been helping the man deal with his financial difficulties.  What better way to cement a partnership than marriage to Benedicto's granddaughter?  Damian would finally have the legitimacy he desires, and Benedicto would have the funds he needs.

When Damian meets Rosalia Chavez-Torres Kennedy, he immediately likes what he sees.  He assumes that Lia knows of her grandfather's plans.  Damian never suspects that Benedicto is using his great-granddaughter as a pawn to force Lia into a marriage she doesn't want.  He quickly begins to care for Lia and he adores Kaylee.  Lia feels the physical attraction as well but she doesn't want marriage.  And she certainly has no interest in a man who would go along with a blackmail scheme that could mean life or death for a little girl.  Even if they somehow find a way to overcome their initial misconceptions, there's still another problem.  It doesn't matter how strong the attraction between them becomes - Lia is physically incapable of intimacy in bed and she's convinced nothing can change that.  Why would Damian want to marry her once he learns of her defect?  He needs heirs and Lia won't be able to provide them.  And if she doesn't marry Damian, how will Lia save her daughter's life?

Lucy Monroe always creates beautiful surroundings and intriguing characters, and she continues this tradition in BLACKMAILED INTO MARRIAGE.  I admire Lia's strength and her devotion to her daughter and the way Damian responds to her difficulties with compassion and understanding, and not a trace of contempt.  I hoped they would find a way to overcome the challenges in their path, find happiness and become a family.  BLACKMAILED INTO MARRIAGE is passionate, thoroughly engaging and a wonderful story from beginning to end.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Alane

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