Desire, Oklahoma; Book 2 – Blade’s Desire

Author: Leah Brooke

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Release Date: December 18, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Kelly Jones recently moved to Desire, Oklahoma under the advice of her best friend Jesse.  She isn’t looking for a romantic relationship – her last one resulted in so much physical and mental abuse that she’s not sure she’ll ever be able to trust another man – never mind actually have sex again.  That doesn’t stop her from falling for Blade, the self proclaimed Dom who’s gone out of his way to make sure Kelly feels comfortable in his presence.

Blade Royal has been enamored of Kelly since she first arrived in Desire but he knows women well enough to sense her extreme discomfort and the fear radiating off her tells him that taking his time with her is of the utmost importance.  He’s a Dominant man and takes great pride in his position helping other Doms and submissives with issues they’re experiencing or even training them in ways to improve their relationships. 


Kelly’s comfortable in her new life in Desire and loves working with Jesse at their fast growing business, Indulgences.  The only trouble she’s having is dealing with her growing feelings for Blade.  His status as a Dom is offsetting and Kelly’s not at all sure she’s ready for everything getting involved with him would entail.  Jesse convinces her to give Blade a chance but Kelly’s not quite ready to put her heart on the line just yet.  She goes to Blade and asks him to help her figure out if she’s ready to have sex and if she could give up control in the bedroom.  She tries to play it off as an ‘in general’ request but she doesn’t want to be ‘trained’ by anyone but Blade. 


Blade agrees to ‘train’ her for the next six weeks – after that they’ll talk.  He’s got plans to keep her but it won’t do to let her know that she already has such power of him.  Kelly has no doubt that she’s in love with Blade but worries that she won’t be the right sort of woman for him - especially considering how seriously he takes the Dom/sub lifestyle.  She can’t imagine herself being submissive all the time and is afraid that her independence could be a problem.  He’s warned her that lying will not be tolerated but neither of them realizes what being less than honest about their feelings for each other may cost them.


Leah Brooke successfully became a must read author for me when I picked up a copy of the first book in this series – DESIRE FOR THREE.  Since then I’ve eagerly anticipated the next story and I have to say BLADE’S DESIRE is well worth the wait.  Kelly’s emotional attachment to Blade is obvious right from the beginning and her fears and insecurities are something that many readers can easily understand.  Blade has his Dom persona firmly in place but underneath he’s a softie – especially when it comes to Kelly.  The respect he has for women in general really shines through in this story and completely won me over.  DESIRE, OKLAHOMA is more than just the name of Ms. Brooke’s series, it’s a town I wish truly existed exactly as she describes it because I’d move there in a heartbeat.


The next book in the DESIRE, OKLAHOMA series, CREATION OF DESIRE releases on January 7th and it will contain the stories for Rachel, Boone and Chase.  As a reader I could feel the heat between this trio throughout BLADE’S DESIRE so I’ll really be looking forward to reading their story.


Ms. Leigh also has another series kicking off this month called DAKOTA HEAT.  The first story in this series, HER DAKOTA MEN releases December 29th. 


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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