Blame It On Chocolate
By Jennifer Wardrip
May 1, 2006 - 7:04:00 PM

Lucy Fitzhenry loves her job at Bernard Chocolates. She gets to spend her days working in the greenhouse, developing new species of plants for the company's newest brands of chocolate. She knows she's found a real winner with Bliss, and eagerly awaits the reaction of the bosses-owner Orson Bernard and his grandson, Raul Nicholas "Nick" Bernard. Lucy was right-her new plant has a direct effect on the future of Bernard Chocolates in that it could end up making them millions. When the first batch of Bliss chocolate comes off the line, Lucy decides to give it a taste test. Who knew chocolate could taste so heavenly, or that it would turn this shy woman who only fantasized about Nick Bernard in private into a sex-starved woman who lets a kiss lead to "the Night of the Chocolate." Suddenly, one wild night of passion turns into a whole lot more, when the nausea Lucy starts experiencing turns out not to be an ulcer, but a pregnancy.

Nick Bernard has always done the right thing. So when he learns that Lucy is pregnant with his child, he's determined that they'll get married. Unfortunately, the quiet, shy Lucy has a whole lot to say about marrying the boss's grandson-and none of it seems to be good. Somehow, Nick has to convince Lucy that he cares for her, that he is, in fact, falling in love with her, and wants to marry her for more than just the sake of their child. Bliss chocolate is a huge success, and Nick wants nothing more than to make his relationship with Lucy a success, too.

BLAME IT ON CHOCOLATE is, in a word, charming. A down-to-earth romance with likable characters who find themselves in a situation that many people deal with in the real world, Lucy and Nick are a couple that everyone can relate to. Nick tries so hard to be nice that he doesn't realize that Lucy needs to know he loves her, and Lucy is just na�ve enough to think that what they have isn't strong enough to keep them together. All in all, BLAME IT ON CHOCOLATE is a sweet indulgence for a satisfying afternoon read.

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