Blind Attraction
By Suzie Housley
Jun 12, 2013 - 5:20:29 AM

James Templeton lives the perfect life; from running his successful design business, to possessing the sex appeal that allows him to have the most beautiful women in the world at his command.  One evening he planned to meet with some friends, as he passed a book store he caught a glimpse of one of the most beautiful women in his life.  He felt an immediate attraction to her, and promised that when he had more time, he would return to the store and properly introduce himself.

James plans to meet the enchantress was delayed when he is involved in a car accident that renders him blind.   The doctors were unsure if his loss of sight was permanent.  He refuses to allow his medical condition to slow him down; he decides to use his blindness to his advantage and return to the store to where he had seen the beautiful woman.

James enters into the bookstore under the pretense he had made the mistake of entering into the wrong store.  There he is greeted by a voice that he feels is from the same woman he previously had seen in the store whose image has been a constant reminder in his mind.  He learns that her name is Victoria Davis, and she is on the verge of opening her own bookstore. 

Victoria has always dreamed of having her own business.  Her dreams are about to become a reality as her grand opening for her book store is fast approaching.  As she is preparing for the day, a man enters into her store.  From the moment she sees him she feels an instant attraction to him.  She is ecstatic to see that he also seems to share the same interest in her.  When he asks her out she immediately accepts his offer.

As James and Victoria get the chance to get to know one another will it be everything that each one of them expects?  Will their new found love be strong enough to have a fairy tale happy ending?

BLIND ATTRACTION is an exceptional romance!  How James and Victoria’s relationship develops appeals to the most diehard romance fan.  I was especially impressed at how the author intertwined the concept that what you see is often not what you receive. 

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