Blind Date
By Angel
Aug 7, 2006 - 4:43:00 PM

When Chris let an acquaintance set him up on a blind date, he wasn’t expecting anything like Merci.  First off he wasn’t told she was black and he feels that it was done on purpose.  Chris sees this as an opportunity to look past race and likes Merci from the start.  Their evening goes as planned, but will it end the way he would like it to or will Merci send him packing?

Merci let herself be talked into a blind date by one of her friends; of course she was told the guy was arrogant and totally self-centered.  When she meets Chris, he’s nothing like she thought he would be.  Now it seems she is having a hard time not liking him and wouldn’t mind making their relationship much more personal.  What will happen when the night comes to an end?


BLIND DATE sounded interesting when I read the synopsis, but I found I just couldn’t relate to the characters.  Chris only seems to be interested in sleeping with Merci, which made me feel sorry for her in the beginning.  Then I found out she had a plot of her own where Chris is concerned and her persona does a complete turn around.  The person who masterminded the plan never makes an actual appearance, but is talked about in detail.  The story is not very long so if you like short stories then you may enjoy this book.  Veronica Tower is an awesome author, but I just couldn’t get into the characters of this story.

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