Blind Date After Dark 2: The Perfect Tool

Author: Lara Santiago

Publisher: Siren/Bookstrand

Release Date: November 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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It’s her thirtieth birthday and Lynda Bloomfield has chosen to gift herself with her most elusive desire – a man who concentrates on her pleasure rather than his own.  Since none of the losers she’s been dating fit the bill she’s opted to follow her friend’s advice and hire a ‘male escort’ for the evening.

Max Duchene has been sent on a fool’s mission by his sister-in-law to rescue some ‘dear friend’ from a leaky sink.  He’s not a plumber by trade but he does know how to fix a wide assortment of household issues.  As luck would have it the paper he has her address written on is illegible and he ends up knocking on Lynda’s door.


Lynda answers the door in a silk robe and spiked high heels only to gawk at the man who’s been sent to fulfill her sexual fantasies.  Oh she knew that there was a ‘theme’ involved but she couldn’t have imagined they’d send someone as perfect as a handyman. Max tries to convince himself that hitting on one of his sister-in-law’s good friends is a very bad idea and asks reasonable questions about her plumbing problems.  Lynda assumes that all his questions about plumbing are in reference to a complete different kind of plumbing than the one to which he’s referring.  It isn’t until Lynda begins to mention seduction and what to expect that Max begins to catch on that there’s more than a leaky sink he’s expected to fix.  When Lynda requests a birthday kiss he caves in and while he may not be fully aware of just what’s going on he certainly isn’t about to pass up such an opportunity.  How will Lynda react when she learns that Max isn’t the hired escort she’d been expecting?


THE PERFECT TOOL is the second book in Lara Santiago’s BLIND DATE AFTER DARK series.  In this fast paced storyline readers are treated to a laugh out loud situation and two characters who are completely clueless as to what is going on in each other’s minds.  Lynda’s attitude about all her loser dates is comical and unfortunately all too familiar to many women.  Max is absolutely loveable!  He’s honorable and knows how to pleasure a woman without having to have a map drawn for him.  Ms. Santiago even adds a twist to the end of this story that stunned me but definitely added a new dimension to Max and Lynda’s relationship.  


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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