Author: Opal Carew

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

Release Date: June 22, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: PRINT

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Kara Spencer writes a column about helping women embrace their sexuality and enjoy it.  She has been looking forward to the conference for weeks, but Tuesday her editor Jess made it a requirement of the conference for Kara to interview a Tantra sex expert, one of those people who believe in spiritual sex.  As far as Kara is concerned, people did not need special training to enjoy sex.  It came naturally.  However, she has little experience in the subject of sex and relies on books to get the information for her column.  Now she fears that her column is getting stale.

J.M. has been having a relationship with Hanna, who also maintains a relationship with another man, Grey.  But J.M. realizes that Hanna and Grey are the actual couple, he is a third.  Now that Hanna and Grey are adopting, J.M. is bowing out of the relationship.  He really wants a woman who will love him the way that Hanna loves Grey.  J.M. is attending the conference and Grace, a holistic healer as well as being Hanna‚Äôs sister, was supposed to travel with him, but she is with a patient and unable to make it to the airport on time.  However, she promises to meet him at the conference.


While waiting to board the plane, which has been delayed, J.M. notices a woman who could be just the woman he has been looking for.  Kara feels as if someone is watching her.  As she looks up, she sees the most gorgeous guy she has ever seen, and he has locked gazes with her and is smiling.  Seeing that he is sitting at the next gate, which means he is on another plane and she would probably never see him again, she decides to try the flirting hints she has been reading about.  After a few minutes of flirting, she is relieved when she hears that her plane is boarding.  However, after boarding, she is shocked to discover that not only is he on her flight, but he is seated next to her.  What she still does not realize is he is the Tantra sex expert she is scheduled to interview.


Although she is attracted to him, Kara feels ill at ease sitting next to him.  After some conversation and his aid in helping her relax for the plane ride, she finds she likes being with him.  Landing at the airport where they have to change planes after the first leg of the journey, they find that the airport has been closed down due to the weather.  But her efficient Tantra expert has already made motel reservations by phone and invites her to stay with him.  Figuring on a one-night stand, she agrees.  Their night together is wonderful, but his mention of love at first sight makes her freeze up.  When she leaves, she is convinced that it is over.  But the next day, she discovers he is a keynote speaker and her interview is with him.  Their frequent encounters convince him that they are meant for each other, but can he convince her of that?  Could he have been wrong about Kara being the perfect woman for him?


Very erotic, BLISS, a contemporary romance, is not for the timid or the faint of heart.  Not only do Kara and J.M. explore each other in various ways, but they begin to include others in their adventure.  Through using the various types of sexual encounters such as bondage, role-playing, group sex, etc., J.M. teaches her about both physical and energy orgasms, including full body orgasms.  This story has just enough of a plot to keep the story steaming ahead with the many sexual scenes.  This is a great book for anyone who enjoys plenty of spice with their story.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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