Bliss Inc.
By natasha2
Jun 1, 2009 - 8:42:32 PM

BLISS, INC. by Chamein Canton is the story of Paige Baldwin, a successful African-American wedding planner.  The name of her company is Bliss, Inc.  She has a great staff and a wonderful and hard-earned reputation for providing top quality affairs.  She works hard and hardly ever plays.  She is a forty-two year old divorcee and mother to a growing teenager.  She thought she had found her prince charming but her happily ever after went very wrong.  She has focused so much of her attention on her son and her career that her personal life is totally non-existent.  Her well-meaning best friend Adriana decides to set her up on a blind date.  It is a total disaster and Paige ends up walking out on her date.  She ends up in a hotel bar watching ESPN when she meets a very sexy stranger.  Before she knows it, she and the handsome stranger are booked into a room and having the best one night stand of her life.  She leaves before he wakes up the next morning thinking to never see him again.

A week later Paige lands the account to plan the wedding of Hiram and Isabella Klein’s daughter Jennifer Klein. This account would be really big and beneficial to Bliss, Inc.  She had to do a perfect job.  However, after meeting mother and daughter, Paige knew this would be a hard job.  They disagreed about everything.  The mother did not want to give the daughter what she wanted.  The daughter did not want to adhere to the mother's plans.  Paige had a hard time keeping them in neutral corners.  But even a stressful week with the Kleins could not keep Paige’s mind off of Matthew, her one-night stand.  All Paige knew was his first name and the fact that she wanted desperately to see him again.

Unbeknownst to Paige her one-night stand was closer than she knew.  Jennifer Klein’s fiancé was Michael Smythe, brother of her one-night stand.  Matthew Smythe was six-foot four with hazel eyes and dark wavy hair.  He and his brother were part of the upper crust of New York’s society scene.  His parents were extremely wealthy but Matthew chose a different path, he is a history teacher in Harlem.  He detests the society rules and activities.  Meeting Paige in the bar that night was a dream come true for Matthew.  He was very taken with her and was disappointed to find her gone when he woke up.  He cannot get her out of his mind the week following their encounter.  His brother asks him to come with him to meet the wedding planner and his future in-laws for lunch.  Both Paige and Matthew are surprised to see each other but admit they want to see more of each other.  They begin to date and settle into a comfortable relationship.  Paige begins to express some insecurity in their age difference because she is eleven years older than Matthew is.  She also begins to fear he may want children and again her age comes into play.  Matthew has expressed to her that he does not want children and he could care less about their age difference.  She also experiences some racism when she attends a society affair and people realized she was with Matthew.  Together they work through all their issues and Paige finally gets her happily ever after.


I enjoyed this book so much.  It was an awesome read.  I love the fact that the heroine was a full-figured, sassy, bold, strong woman.  She exuded confidence and taught Jennifer Klein to embrace her size and who she was.  She taught her to be strong, self-assured and confident.  The relationship between Paige and Matthew was great.  They communicated about everything.  They talked everything out and did not allow outside voices to influence their decisions.  This book dealt with elitism, racism, and discrimination based on weight.  It dealt with heavy issues in a smart and sensitive manner.  The story was so great the reader forgets the fact that the main characters were an interracial couple.  You just see an awesome couple deeply in love.

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