Blood Game
By Noelle
Oct 1, 2009 - 2:19:23 PM

In her search to find her daughter Bonnie, Eve has worked as a forensic sculptor, identifying lost children by reconstructing their skulls. When her last case brings her into contact with a psychic, Eve and her long-time boyfriend Joe need a little R&R to recover. However, when a new killer shows up, Eve finds herself the target of a new madman, bent on taunting her. To make it even more interesting, this killer has an especially sick calling card. Will Eve be able to survive this latest challenge, or will evil finally win?

Ever since the first day he met her almost twenty years ago, Joe Quinn had been in love with Eve. Supporting her through thick and thin, he would do anything for her. When the latest twist in the search for her daughter brings a surprising twist, will Joe be able to deal with the newest curveball in his life? Will he be able to protect Eve and her adopted daughter Jane long enough to hunt down this latest killer, or will this finally be the last chapter in Eve’s long search?

Kevin Jelak knew the secret to eternal life, and he would do whatever it took to get it. He had proven that over and over, and Eve Duncan was the final step. After introducing himself via a grisly calling card, Jelak begins his deliberate and malevolent stalking. Will Eve be clever enough to outwit him, or will this man finally be the one who ends her quest?

As a continuation of the EVE DUNCAN series, BLOOD GAME is an amazing story. Since this story does pick up where the last one left off, it is a good idea to read the series in order, so you know what has happened in previous books. The story can be read as a stand-alone, however, it is much better as part of the series. Eve and Joe have a really awesome relationship, but you don’t really get the true scope of it unless you have read the other books in the series. Eve’s adopted daughter Jane is also a really awesome character, she has an incredible strength to her. Ms. Johansen does an excellent job with her settings, and she has a true knack for creating villains that make your skin crawl. She really outdoes herself with Jelak, and I don’t recommend reading this one at night! Excellent job!

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