Blossom Street Brides
By Diana S
Jun 6, 2014 - 8:00:00 AM

Lauren Elliott has waited for years for her boyfriend to propose. She is ready to move forward with her dream for a husband and children. Unfortunately Todd, her boyfriend, is not of the same mind.

Bethanne Scranton is newly married to her second husband Max. It is a long distance marriage with Bethanne in Seattle, running her party planning business, and Max in California, running his wine business. Her ex-husband wants her back and is using their daughter to try to make it happen.

Lydia Goetz is the owner of A Good Yarn and is happily married to her husband Brad, but is worried about her store failing.

Max and his friend Rooster make a quick trip on their motorcycles to Seattle after learning Bethanne’s ex-husband Grant is coming to see Bethanne at her home and letting himself in, with a key he shouldn’t have. While Max and Bethanne are off talking things over and getting reacquainted, Rooster is left to himself. He goes to the French Café across the street and it is so busy he shares a table with Lauren. Lauren is supposed to meet her boyfriend but he is a no-show. Sitting with Rooster and enjoying his company confirms her feelings that she will no longer wait on her boyfriend, she is ready to move on. Rooster and Lauren see each other a couple of more times over the weekend and after Rooster goes back to California, they talk all the time. When Lauren tells Todd they are through, he thinks she is joking and won’t leave her alone. Feelings for Rooster keep growing and a surprise meeting with him while Lauren is in Vegas on business, changes things for them. Will their short relationship lead to something more? Will Max and Bethanne get things straightened out with her kids and ex?

Lydia has crossed lots of hurdles to get to the life she has with her husband Brad and her store. A Good Yarn is one of her great pleasures. When the profits are not happening and she is worried about maybe losing it, something unusual happens. One of her customers says she has seen baskets with yarn and instructions in them at a bus stop and it is a total surprise. Everyone assumes that Lydia is doing this for publicity but she has no clue who is doing it. More reports come in of sightings of these baskets all over town. Her business is picking up and a reporter comes to interview Lydia for an article in the paper. Lydia would like to thank this person but when she finally finds out who is doing it, it is a total surprise.

Debbie Macomber is a great writer of human tragedies and happiness alike, along with the heartwarming stories of everyday life and all it can bring. I love Debbie’s books and have been an avid reader of them for years. I recommend you give yourself a treat and read this book. Everybody loves stories of brides and babies. 

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