Blue Flame
By Sarah W
Jan 1, 2005 - 6:27:00 AM

When firefighter Jake Rawlins destroys his shoulder during a rescue attempt, he sees his livelihood, his one true love, being a fireman, sliding down the drain. The media is having a field day with him, as the boy he rescued claims that Jake broke his arm during the rescue, and is now suing Jake for all he is worth. Resigned, Jake heads to the Blue Flame in Arizona, where he can hopefully fully recuperate and finally find someone to buy the place.

Jake had inherited the Blue Flame from his father Richard, a man he hadn't spoken to since he was twelve years old and told Richard that he wanted to be a firefighter and not a cowboy. The ranch holds only bitterness and loneliness for Jake, though the one bright spot is Callie Hayes, the caretaker of the Blue Flame, and the woman he hasn't been able to get out of his head since his father's funeral. Callie doesn't want Jake around and when she finds out he plans to stay for three months, she is very nervous because, despite all, she is still very attracted to Jake. And even though he hates the ranch and everything it represents, Callie still can't get over the feeling that they share a bond.

When mysterious 'accidents' start happening at the Blue Flame, the pigs being let out of their cage, someone leaving a saddle on Callie's favorite horse, both Callie and Jake start to worry. Though Jake wants to believe that he is worried only because the accidents will hinder the selling of the ranch, he is more concerned with Callie, as it appears the accidents are becoming more and more vicious. Jake's used to being a hero and he's determined to figure out who is doing these things to the Blue Flame before it goes to far. But how long will it take for him to realize that Callie doesn't need a hero, only the love of a good and solid man?


BLUE FLAME is outstanding! Jill Shalvis takes the readers emotions to a new high in this tale of two people just looking for the love and acceptance they have never gotten. Jake is a fine man who can't imagine what to do with his life if he's not a firefighter. He's determined to prove that he can still do his job, but the more time he spends on the Blue Flame, the more he comes to realize that perhaps it isn't the end of the world to change and grow. He's finally starting to make amends with his younger brother Tucker, and even making some friends with the various employees of the Blue Flame, but it is Callie who draws him in again and again. He's starting to realize he can't imagine life without her, and that really scares him. Jake's journey of growth is the highlight of this novel. Though this reviewer loved Callie as a heroine, as she was bright, smart, and determined to keep the Blue Flame alive and prospering, it was Jake's story that stole the show. One can't imagine a more intriguing, sad, scared, or strong hero than Jake, a man who tries to take on the world, only to discover that it isn't the world that matters. It is family and friends, good health, and perhaps, the feeling of contentment he gets when he is around Callie. This book is not to be missed! Jill Shalvis has penned an extraordinary tale of love, mystery and friendship with BLUE FLAME.

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