Blue Moon

Author: Laura Marie Altom

Publisher: Dorchester Publishing, Love Spell

Release Date: May 2003

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Format: PRINT

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Geneva Kowalski-McBride is trouble with a capital T. She's a bad girl gone badder, a wild woman gone wilder. She's left behind her husband, Jonah, with his small town ways and empty bank account. She's abandoned her infant daughter, Katie, with her questioning eyes and too-bright smile. She's seeking fame, fortune, and acceptance in the world of quick sex and even quicker highs. Oh, and she has one teeny problem. She's also dead.

So begins a story that can't help but touch your heartstrings. Geneva didn't start out being bad, and since God is aware of this, he decides to give her another chance to make things right back here on earth. Her mission? To ensure that Jonah and Katie live a life full of happiness and love, with the woman that is both of their soul mates.

Sounds simple to Geneva, but she should know by now that nothing in life is simple, not even in Heaven. Directing fate is hard work, and learning these so-called "life lessons" she has to learn to earn her wings is tiresome! Plus, her guide in this quest is a Hercules-wannabe with an obnoxiously snide personality. How is she supposed to make a woman who can't remember who she is, and a man that is full of love but short on forgiveness, realize that they're made to be together?

Ms. Altom has done an excellent job with a story that will keep you spellbound to the very last page. She pulls no punches, and she has exactly the right mix of love, resentment, anger, and edginess throughout the entire book. "Blue Moon" is sure to be a keeper, and will leave you with only one question at the end. Is there going to be a sequel? There has to be a sequel. Because, well....

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jennifer Wardrip

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