Blue Moon: Moonstruck Series, Book 3
By Sherri Myers
Feb 1, 2006 - 7:34:00 AM

Dr. Jeanne Madison is heading up a treasure hunt, one that will take her and her crew to the waters off the Mexican coast in search of an 18th century sunken ship and its cargo.  The Luna Azul, or Blue Moon, lay somewhere beneath the ocean, and she was determined to find it one way or another.  With the help of some old letters her brother had discovered in a cave, Jeanne was hoping to find the Spanish galleon and its hidden treasure. 

Operating on a tight budget, Jeanne hires Captain Gabriel Avery and his rusty has-been of a boat, the Fallen Angel.  Tall, dark, and handsome was only the beginning of describing the owner of the Fallen Angel, which was aptly named after the modern day captain.  With his buff body and dark ponytail, tall, dashing, and dangerous was a much better description of Gabe Avery, at least in Jeanne's eyes. 


Gabe is quickly charmed by the pretty PhD and her super-positive outlook on life.  Jeanne's mentor, Dr. Remington (Remy) Primston, whom Gabe nicknames Prim, is very protective of her, and constantly rubs Gabe the wrong way.  Soon they are in competition to win Jeanne's heart, but is either one of them capable of doing so? 


The third novel in the MOONSTRUCK series by Linda Windsor is an enjoyable inspirational story that rounds out the series quite nicely.  Jeanne is an eternal optimist to Gabe's unending cynicism, which makes for some fun times aboard ship.  Gabe's dog, Nemo, adds to the silly happenings, along with Remy's abrasive nature against Gabe and his undying affection for Jeanne.  Suspense fans will enjoy the danger of the dives and the unscrupulous thieves out to steal what the crew finds, and readers of the first two novels will be happy to see those characters make appearances in this one also.  FIESTA MOON, PAPER MOON, and BLUE MOON-after reading these three romantic suspense comedies, you too will be able to say you've been MOONSTRUCK.      

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