Blue Silver: No More Pretend
By Angel
Aug 7, 2006 - 11:43:00 AM

Marci is not the chunky teenage girl she used to be.  She has been through the entire groupie scene and an infatuation with Blue Silver’s guitarist Brad Nix.  She has grown out of that and knows that reality is best and safe average guys are better.  Then her friends decide to attend the Blue Silver reunion concert and get back stage to meet the band.  Can she survive an encounter with Brad Nix?

Brad has seen fame and fortune and knows what can happen when it all goes wrong.  The band getting back together is a good thing, a way to exercise the demons of the past and move forward to a brighter future.  Then he meets Marci and he’s suddenly thinking of a family and kids, the whole nine yards.  Is Marci the woman he has been looking for to complete his life?


Another installment in the BLUE SILVER series, NO MORE PRETEND brings together two people who really need each other.  Marci is the woman who is over her crush on Brad Nix or so she thinks.  Brad is used to having women at his feet and it takes Marci to show him that not all women are alike.  Love scenes are volcanic eruptions of desire that will leave your hair smoking.  Jacki King is a talented author who has done an incredible job of writing the story of one woman finally finding her dream come true.

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