Blue Silver Nothing Like The Sun
By Deborah Kimpton
Oct 2, 2006 - 12:46:00 PM

Georgie needs one hot night of unbridled passion. But, it is not just any man that she has set her sights on. Blue Silver, the band of her youth has just embarked upon a comeback tour and keyboard player, Julian Manchester, is Georgie’s intended prey. Twenty years ago on their way to a Blue Silver concert, the band’s most ardent fan club, The Silverettes, had a flat tire. The tire and Georgie’s plans fell flat. Now, that she’s been given another chance with the flamboyant Julian, Georgie intends to grab the opportunity and him with both hands.

BLUE SILVER - NOTHING LIKE THE SUN is part of a series of stories about the infamous band - Blue Silver. Ms. Hart’s contribution is a fun and sexy look into the world of second chances. Georgie is an instantly likeable character with a disastrous love life and an eye for a classy pair of shoes. Now older and definitely wiser, she knows what she wants out of life and will pull out all the stops to reach her goal. Julian has also changed since the band’s early days. He feels he now needs a woman who is self-assured and intelligent. However, he seems to spend his days surrounded by hangers-on and bimbos, he has just about given up hope of finding the right woman. Could the mysterious Georgie be the answer to his prayers?


In NOTHING LIKE THE SUN, Ms. Hart has successfully managed to combine her wicked sense of humour with some very steamy sex scenes.  She produced a delightful balance that has the reader hungry for more. Once again, Ms. Hart has demonstrated her great talent and versatility, leaving no doubt that she is currently one of the hottest properties out in the writing world.

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