Blue Velvet

Author: Christy Poff

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Release Date: September 1, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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After his wife’s suicide, Ethan Kingsley began to spend less time at his business office, Kingsley Designs. He’d built the business from the ground up but without someone to share his success it just doesn’t seem as important - until he hears about the possibility of a takeover. Suddenly he has something to focus on - protecting his business.

Veronique Carlin, Roni for short, owns her own business on Rodeo Drive. Her boutique, Roni’s, caters to both men and women and Roni goes out of her way to personally ensure the satisfaction of every customer who enters her shop. Wanting to keep her store standing out amongst the glitz and glamour of the famous street, Roni opts to consult a graphic designer.

Ethan’s wife, Afton, was a popular musician who’d been diagnosed as having a chronic illness. Ethan thought that she was handling the illness with a positive outlook, but she’d fooled them all and took her own life. Her farewell note specified that the illness was just too much for her, but was that really the whole reason that she took her own life? Ethan doesn’t question it much until Afton’s lawyer shows up with her will and one of the bequeathed items she’d left to a band mate that seems odd, especially since she’d left nothing to any of the other band members.

Two years later, Ethan learns that his business is in danger of a hostile takeover, but he has no clue who would attempt such a feat. The threat is enough to get him back to the office and taking care of the clients himself, instead of leaving them to his employees. When he meets a new potential client, Roni, he’s beyond thankful that he’d chosen to return to his business. She’s everything that he could want in a woman and more. Especially when he learns that she is the well-known Mistress Velvet who frequents The Insider, a BDSM club that they both visit. They quickly realize that they have a lot in common and pursue a more permanent relationship. There’s a crazed admirer of Afton’s who blames Ethan for her death. He’ll do anything to make sure Ethan suffers, even hurt Roni.

Once again Christy Poff delivers a spectacular BDSM novel full of hope, passion, desire, and a crazed ‘admirer.’ BLUE VELVET is a story that will fascinate readers from the first page and hold you captive as you read about Ethan and Roni’s relationship and the extremes that Afton’s ‘admirer’ goes to enact revenge. While Ethan and Roni’s relationship is very quick to develop, there’s a sense of knowing that they are exactly right for each other. This book is an action packed love conquers all story that is sure to leave readers excited and sighing at the same time.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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