Blueberry Hill

Author: Marcia Evanick

Publisher: Kensington- Zebra

Release Date: December 1, 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Jocelyn Fletcher needed to reevaluate her life. Since she was eight years old all she ever wanted to be was a great criminal lawyer like her grandfather. Now Jocelyn feels that maybe criminal law is not for her. So Jocelyn takes a leave of absence and calls her sisters in Misty Harbor for help in finding a temporary job and a place to live.

When Jocelyn gets to Misty Harbor, the job her sisters set up for her is not exactly what Jocelyn was looking for. They got her an interview as a live in housekeeper/nanny for the town’s sheriff. Jocelyn hated cleaning, and had never been around children so she had no idea how to take care of them.


Quinn Larson’s ex-wife was killed in a car accident that left his children motherless and Quinn a full time single parent. His sister Phoebe moved in with him to help out, but she needed to get back to her business so Quinn needed to find a nanny.


When Jocelyn showed up for the interview Quinn had no intention of hiring this beautiful woman until he sees her with Issy. Issy and Tori where Quinn’s three year old twin daughters there was also Ben his 5 year old son. Issy had not really smiled since her mother died but Jocelyn had made her smile, that‘s when Quinn knew he was going to hire her.


Even though Jocelyn was not great at keeping the house clean, she loved the children. Soon every single man in Misty Harbor was trying to go out with Jocelyn, but there was only one man Jocelyn wanted to go out with and that was Quinn. When Quinn and Jocelyn finally acknowledge the attraction for each other will a mistake in Quinn’s past destroy their future?


BLUEBERRY HILL was an enjoyable read with characters that will melt your heart. Quinn and Jocelyn were a great match and I fell in love with all three of the kids. With hot love scenes and great characters, Blueberry Hill is a book not to be missed and I can only hope that there will be more books about the town called Misty Harbor.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dina Smith

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