Bobby Faye's Very Bad Day
By Nadine St. Denis
May 1, 2007 - 9:42:00 PM


When Bobbie Faye’s 5-year-old niece woke her to tell her that their sad little trailer had sprung a massive leak, her very, very, very bad day had begun.  No one does trouble (ask just about anyone in Lake Charles, Louisiana) like Bobbie Faye, but she might just be in over head this time.   While trying to bail out her home, and keep her sanity and temper in check, she is told that her no account, good-for-nothing, womanizing brother is in serious trouble and only she and her Mama’s tiara can help.   Can things get any worse?

Thankfully, or not depending on whom you ask, she has an accomplice.  Well…he’s actually her hostage and quite the looker.  As these two get to know each other, they are also fending off the FBI, the mob, local law enforcement (who has a personal thing with Bobbie Faye), wild life, and pretty much everything else you could possibly dream up!  Will they manage to save her brother, retain her Mama’s prized possession and keep their own hides intact?  You will just have to read and find out for yourselves!


BOBBIE FAYE’S VERY (very, very, very) BAD DAY by the hilarious Toni McGee Causey is an incredible ride with one very determined, sassy, cussing, southern trailer-trash gal.  If you think you are having a bad day, you won’t once you read about Bobbie Faye’s!  The adventure starts in the first paragraph and does not slow until the last page.  I loved this refreshing, extremely funny and sexy story and I know that everyone who reads it will agree with me.  Well done Ms. Causey!!

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