Body Heat
By Chrissy Dionne
May 26, 2013 - 2:45:42 PM

Maura Mahoney loves working as an accountant at Cherry Lane, a senior citizens’ residential facility, but her adopted parents feel that the position is beneath her.  In their opinion she can achieve far greater things if she’d just apply herself – including landing a man.  Unfortunately the men they find acceptable, Maura finds boring and at thirty years old her biological clock is ticking.  Her nice safe existence is about to be blown out of the water since with her supervisor off on leave she’s responsible for the young man who’ll be serving out his community service right there at Cherry Lane.  Only the juvenile delinquent turns out to be not so juvenile… in fact, he’s a motorcycle riding hottie that gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘bad boy.’  There’s no denying that Maura finds him immensely attractive but he’d be bad for her, like eating the entire carton of ice cream type bad!


Jesse Blue makes no apologies for the trouble that landed him in community service.  It’s better than jail time, but not something he feels he rightfully deserves in any case.  His only hope is that Maura will give him some assignments and leave him to do his business, but he realizes that despite her plain grey clothing and off-putting demeanor she’s a very attractive.  Too classy for him but there’s nothing wrong with admiring the view, now is there?


Jesse immediately shoots down Maura’s ideas for reading to the senior citizens but does tell her that he’s good with his hands, works construction and gardening.  The senior center’s courtyard is in a very sad state and he immediately jumps on board fixing it up, though funds for the project are extremely tight.  Fortunately he can fix it but that means that he’ll constantly be within her sight and her hormones are going crazy just from his nearby presence.  Without knowing what landed him in community service Maura’s mind is filled with all sorts of dangerous crimes and she’s concerned about how the residents seem to gravitate toward him.  She soon realizes that he’s not going to harm the residents; in fact his caring demeanor seems to brighten everyone’s day.  Eventually, Jesse and Maura give into their mutual attraction but their romance is going to be filled with conflict and misunderstandings – as well as scorching hot sex and some serious introspection.  He’ll learn that he’s not such a bad boy after all, and Maura might just discover there are pleasures in life if she’d only allow herself to enjoy them.


Yes, I know a senior citizen home isn’t exactly the sort of place you’d expect a romance to blossom, but let’s face it, elderly people are great at speaking their minds and young people do work there.  Combine the two and there’s the distinct possibility for unique relationships to blossom.  Susan Fox’s BODY HEAT is a joy to read from beginning to end.  The characters come from such different backgrounds and have differing views about life but when they come together it’s like none of that matters.  BODY HEAT is fun filled storyline with unique twists and turns but of course, ends with a happily-ever-after so in the end everyone’s satisfied. 

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