Body Movers: 2 Bodies for the Price of One
By Dottie
Aug 5, 2007 - 7:06:37 AM

Carlotta has not had an easy life.   She was left to raise her brother after her parents, wanted for fraud, abandoned them.     Raising her brother has not been easy since he has been in and out of trouble.   She is working at Neiman-Marcus using her sales commissions to make ends meet.   Lately, her sales have been down and she is on the verge of bankruptcy.   Her creditors are constantly calling.  

Jack, the detective trying to locate her parents, is strongly attracted to her.   However, a relationship between them seems next to impossible since he is investigating her parents.   At times, he gets exasperated with her due to her knack of finding herself in trouble.   Vying for her attentions are two additional men.   One is Coop, her brother’s boss at Body Movers.   The other one is Peter, the fiancé who deserted her when her parents became fugitives.


If things aren’t bad enough, Carlotta finds herself suspended from work.   Going home, after stopping off for a drink, she finds the men in her life : Jack, Coop, Peter and her brother there mourning her.   It seems that in the process of doing their job as “body movers , Coop and her brother have just taken her to the morgue after she jumped from a bridge.  


After the others leave, Jack informs her he will be staying with her for her protection.   Being together constantly, they find themselves fighting the attraction that is always right there between them.   Why are these things happening to her?   Who is the woman who jumped?   How can she fight her attraction to Jack in such close quarters?   Is someone out to kill her?   Will her parents even care enough to come out of hiding and to her funeral?


I absolutely loved BODY MOVERS:   2 BODIES FOR THE PRICE OF ONE .   This is the second book in the Body Movers Series.   I have not read the first one, but I will now.   Suspense kept me reading until way in the night until I finished it.   You do not want to miss this exciting Stephanie Bond novel!


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