Body Moves
By katie
Nov 19, 2007 - 6:40:25 AM

Welcome to a world where lust and passion collide. Jodi Lynn Copeland has written an anthology with two stories in one. Both stories take place on a medical island resort where surgery is open to those who will pay the price to enhance their beauty. And perhaps along the way, they will enjoy the sites that the local men and women can offer.

The first story, PRIVATE PASSION, begins with Jordan Cameron trying to understand the radical change in his father, John Cameron. John looks a decade younger ever since his vacation on a medical resort called Private Indulgence. Now Cameron Senior wants to invest in this miracle resort. Jordan thinks his father has been fooled and will take his own little trip to see what this resort and its owner is all about.


Danica Crosby should be enjoying the Caribbean atmosphere, but her main concern is making sure Private Indulgence can keep running and she needs the money to do so. When a client by the name of Jordan Cantrell comes looking for an enhancement on a certain part of his anatomy, Danica can hardly stay as professional as she intends to be. She is shocked to think this man needs help in that area! And when these two embark on a fast and furious affair, Danica has no qualms with Jordan’s body at all. She is not the type to play hanky-panky with her patients, but there is something about this mysterious Mr. Cantrell that pushes all the right buttons. But when Jordan comes clean about who he really is, Danica must decide if she can forgive Jordan for his lying and if their affair is meant to be so much more than just sex.


Logan Delaney has her own PRIVATE FANTASIES that include a bigger chest. As a flat chested mechanic, Logan feels no man will be attractive to her unless she has bigger breasts. She decides to a Caribbean medial resort to have the plastic surgery and hopefully have a bit of fun with some local Don Juan.


But when Logan meets her doctor, Tanner Grey, she decides he will be the lover she is looking for. Even though there is a rumor that Tanner may be a ladies’ man, Logan throws caution to the wind and decides she will have a fling with him instead. At first, Tanner is amused by Logan and knows there is no way he will have an affair with one of his patients. Plus, he thinks Logan looks beautiful as she is. But the island sun must be doing something to his brain, because he can’t keep away from Logan and soon his hands in approach leads to the bedroom.


For some sexy and hedonistic reading, BODY MOVES is the book to take a chance on. You actually get two stories for the price of one and the passion between these men and women are scorching. Jordan and Danica’s affair is very quick and should tease the senses. These two are more concerned with having sex rather than getting to know one another, but as they become more intimate and Danica allows Jordan into her life, their no attached affair becomes so much more and Jordan is the first one to admit it.


On the other hand, Logan and Tanner are two characters that need love and are not afraid to go for it. Both are a bit shy and have some issues, but when they admit their shortcomings with each other, their romance is a true joy to read. Even though both stories are very enjoyable, I found PRIVATE FANTASIES to be a true delight and with a hero like Tanner who doesn’t want Logan to change her body in anyway because he thinks she is perfect as is, how can you not find yourself sighing as these two quickly fall in love?

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